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'Walking Dead' Actor Angling to Play One of Marvel's Dumbest Characters

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding every day, meaning that there are lots more superheroes from the Marvel stable to be introduced. One that I don't think Marvel will ever get to is Sentry, arguably one of the dumbest characters in all of comics, though if one Walking Dead actor has his way, he'll be playing the character on the big screen.

Justin Kucsulain played Ethan on two episodes of The Walking Dead this past season and even had an uncredited role in Iron Man 3, and now he's posing at his LCS with a bunch of Sentry comics and a Marvel Legends Sentry figure...



Less than an hour later, he posted this sweet pic of himself done up as Sentry, just to hammer home how much he wants to play a character no one gives a shit about...



Look, I'm not about to shit on anyone's dreams, but come on dude. Sentry? I mean, nobody's angling to play Jack of Hearts or Brother Power the Geek, just let this bad idea stay confined to the pages of the comics. I'm not going to see a Sentry movie starring some guy who did a two-episode stint on Walking Dead. Honestly, the only thing that would get me to buy a ticket for a Sentry movie would be if Sam Rockwell played the lead role. Get on that shit, Marvel.

h/t ComicBook.com

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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