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Brie Larson Shares a Photo of Her Intense Preparation for Captain Marvel

Many actors have to go through a lot to prepare for roles as superheroes.

Considering Marvel’s unofficial policy of showing off each of their protagonists topless for at least a single scene (except Robert Downey Jr, who must have a ‘no abs’ clause in his contract), it makes sense that even funnymen like Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd have been expected to shed fan in favor of gaining large, impressive muscles.

Beyond the need to beef up physically, though, there’s also a need to prepare mentally for a role, by researching a character to create an authentic yet individual take on a movie’s source material. It’s for this reason that Brie Larson’s latest social media post about her preparation for the role of Captain Marvel is such a refreshing departure from photos of male protagonists hitting the gym to get ready for their performances.

In a tweet bearing the caption “LARSON INDUSTRIES R&D DEPT," Larson has shared a photo of her snuggled on a couch under a blanket, reading a Captain Marvel graphic novel. Her preparation for the role certainly looks a lot more comfortable than anything Chris Hemsworth has had to endure (and that includes perfecting his accent).


The Captain Marvel story that Larson is reading in the photo tells the story of Carol Danvers traveling into space and joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, which might possibly be a hint at what the Captain Marvel movie plot will feature, but is probably just a fun book worth reading.

The book is a relatively recent story - Carol Danvers dates back decades in her earlier role as the superhero Ms Marvel (did you ever wonder why Rogue could fly in the 90s X-Men cartoon series? She stole her powers from Carol Danvers).

Fans have also been thrilled about this photo because it’s a first glimpse of Larson in the Ms Marvel uniform – albeit a comfortable sweater rather than a Hollywood costume to rival that of Captain America’s.

Nevertheless, if you’ve wondered what Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers will look like when enjoying a quiet night in, this picture shows what it would look like.

The Captain Marvel movie is still a few years away, so there’s plenty of time left for Larson to hit the gym and develop the enormous biceps that are required for a Marvel protagonist.

Or, alternatively, Marvel might not go with a Captain Marvel who looks like a female bodybuilder. It’s difficult to say at this point.


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